Mugs of Love

Assemble cups with tea and sweet treats to brighten the day of others.


  • Mugs or Cups that can hold hot liquids
  • Markers
  • Individually wrapped tea bags, hot chocolate, coffee
  • Candies: chocolate kisses and/or hard candies
  • Individually wrapped cookies
  • Cellophane Treat Bags
  • Ribbon or Twist ties
  • Tags (visit for samples)
  • Optional – consider the following themes for your mug: holidays, seasons, birthdays!


  1. Decorate the cup with markers, if desired.
  2. Place 2-3 tea (or other beverage) bags, a large handful of candies, and cookies inside of the cup – the cup should look full.
  3. Place the cup inside the gift bag and close with twist tie or ribbon.
  4. Add a personalized gift tag onto the bag.

Discover why this project is important for our community and explore the insights Judaism has to offer.

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