The Louise D. and Morton J. Macks Jewish Connection Network is your link to Jewish Baltimore, to one another, and to an inspired, meaningful Jewish life

About Us

The name Jewish Connection Network reflects our commitment to creating links, bridging gaps, reaching out, and fostering a sense of belonging (and connection) among all members of our community. Together, we will spark lasting friendships and build a thriving network of support that connects each and every one of us.


Mission and Vision


Our Mission

To empower and support individuals to explore their own Jewish journeys—inspiring them to form lasting connections to a diverse, inclusive and vibrant Baltimore Jewish community


Our Vision

A thriving dynamic Jewish Baltimore where everyone is on a journey and feels a sense of belonging

The Story Behind the Jewish Connection Network

In 2022, The Associated created the Jewish Connection Network—a fresh agency designed to empower you on your personal Jewish expedition.

The agency was established based off results from the 2020 Jewish Baltimore Community Study:

  • 43% of Jewish Baltimoreans live beyond the usual Jewish neighborhoods.
  • 39% proudly identify as secular or “just Jewish.”
  • Only 26% of Jewish households in Baltimore are raising kids at this point in their lives. And for those who are raising kids, that is only one chapter in their adult lives.

We want to help you find community in your own neighborhood.

We’re here to link up all Jews with meaningful ways to embrace their identity.

We’re creating opportunities for community building for families and adults of all ages, especially empty nesters.

Creating Community

Ever had that feeling where you’re eager to dive into the Jewish community, but something holds you back?

“I don’t know enough people,” or “Everyone else seems more versed in Jewish culture.”

You’re not alone! We’ve spoken with countless people who share the same sentiment. At the Jewish Connection Network, we’re all about connection and normalizing that we’re all on a unique journey to find our Jewish path.


We're here to support you in discovering YOUR way into Jewish life.


The Jewish Connection Network is proud to be an agency of The Associated: Jewish Federation of Baltimore

We harness the strength of the Associated agencies to form one united system; this approach allows Jewish Baltimore to collectively meet the needs of today’s Jews and tomorrow’s leaders.

Your financial support of The Associated ensures that, together, we can create engaging educational experiences that will strengthen our Jewish future, provide critical social services to those who need a helping hand, advocate for social justice and equality for all and connect to Jews in Israel and around the world.

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Your Jewish Journey Starts Here

We're firm believers that weaving Jewish values into our choices enriches our lives. Having a personal Jewish journey and strong community ties pave the way for a meaningful Jewish life. Our approach is simple: we listen, we connect folks and families, craft Jewish experiences, and make Jewish resources accessible.

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