Author: Maian Rahvalschi

A Journey of Solidarity: Reflections from the Baltimore-Ashkelon 20th Anniversary Mission

This past March I had the honor to join the Baltimore-Ashkelon partnership 20th anniversary solidarity mission. A four day mission to Israel that started in the city of Ashkelon, Baltimore’s partner city, and ended in the city of Tel Aviv. In these four days we got a chance to not only see the places that […]

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Honoring the Women of October 7

In honor of International Women’s Day, this blog is dedicated to the Israeli women of October 7. I decided to share the stories of five women – Rachel Edri, Inbal Liberman, Amit Mann, Shiri Bibas, and Rimon Kirsht. Each woman is unique in her own way, and together they tell the story of what happened […]

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