Author: Brenda Footer

5 Ways to Make Shabbat Special

Whether you “keep” Shabbat in the traditional way or are looking for a few ways to “remember” the day, we have some suggestions for you on how to make it special!

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Timoth’s Journey: Art, Culture, and Community Connection

Timoth blog: Meet Timoth, a multifaceted individual with a fascinating journey. From Ohio to an artistic career, and a deep connection to Judaism, Timoth’s story is a celebration of life, culture, and community. Read more about his tales of family, artistic milestones, and his role as a Community Connector with the Jewish Connection Network, promoting local theater.

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Ideas for a Meaningful Passover Seder at Any Age

Each year during the Passover Seder, we tell the story of our Exodus from Egypt, but many of us struggle to find meaning in this yearly repetition. The amazing thing about Passover is that there is so much room for creativity and making the seder our own.

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